Monday, November 22, 2010

My Blog Debut

To all my chic CHicks-friends, fans and beautiful customers, new and loyal! This is the debut of my Blog, "CHicks Helping Other CHicks". Blog, Blog, much to read, discover, and learn from the Bloggers, and now, I am entering into that very world to reach out to CHicks. Those of  you who are familiar with the Christi Harris philosophy, See It. Learn It. Do It., know that I am all about education in all things beauty. Writing curriculum for self-improvement schools helped me find my passion at a very early age and thus launched my entire career! It was from those first experiences that I saw the need to educate women, eliminating their beauty frustrations and simplifying their lives! is not all about outward aesthetics and beauty. It is recognizing oneself as a unique and special woman who has been put on this earth to seek and fulfill the gifts God has given her. We must uncover ourselves to discover our passions. And as many have witnessed, that realization takes place at different ages and different stages along our journey. How many of us actually find it? How do we find it? And once we do, the how do we share it with the people our gifts can aid? A very well-known columnist once told me, "Girls who don't have girlfriends cannot be trusted." Wow. Strong? Yes. But I do tend to agree. So, let's be friends and share what we know in an effort to help others find their exceptional gifts! Doesn't matter if we have or haven't been formally introduced-you can lend an ear, share your knowledge and passions to other CHicks and who knows? The information you provide can brighten a cloudy day, genuinely help others and maybe even change a life for the better, forever. That's the power of "CHicks Helping Other CHicks."

Throughout the years I have met so many women, each who offer different talents. I have learned from their generosity. I am motivated by them to continue to reach higher to further my education bases and share my experiences, both beauty and business. We can each learn from the other giving away our multitudes of experiences. Hence, my Blog. It is all about you. Well, and thousands of other women who are eager to help each other. There is no power quite like women banding together for a common goal. I believe aligning ourselves with others can manifest into great, great things.

So, if you're ready to get started, then send your ideas, questions, answers, tricks, and thoughts my way because I will be interviewing women throughout the U.S. be they captains of industry, busy moms, teens, celebrities, beauty editors, physicians, and professional in all fields. Men are welcome to join in this exchange! Adding the male dynamic helps us create a balanced perspective in so many areas of our lives. Nothing is too weird, too crazy, too simple, or too complex to ask. We will find real, useful, effective answers together...answers that make sense. I am much more about making sense than cents! My peeps know that my passion has always been immediate, straight-forward results. I care to share so join me! I welcome you and your voice to "CHicks Helping Other CHicks."