About Me

With a background in both education and modeling, I sought to combine my passions and resources to teach women how to become their own best beauty expert. Having written self-improvement curriculums for prominent modeling schools—and “practicing what I preached” as a successful professional model and sharp business woman—I witnessed the vast population of women and teens who had spent countless hours and dollars on makeup, skin and hair care that consistently failed them; leaving them disappointed and frustrated. I then realized my calling … to design and formulate products that delivered on their promises and teach my clients, simply and succinctly, how to use them to their greatest advantage.

History has proven my philosophy valid. Women of all ages come to my Christi Harris Beauty Playgrounds, most already owning drawers-full of cosmetics, skin and hair care products that have left them feeling somewhat cheated of the brand claims. Once my clients attend or view one of the instructional lessons, she leaves armed with techniques, tips and tricks enabling her to become her own makeup artist and ready to take charge of her own beauty. Clients are finally encouraged, satisfied, and more confident and radiant than ever before. It is not at all uncommon for a 2-hour lesson at my Beauty Playgrounds to lend results, which turn the clock back, five, even ten years from the average woman.

Because of my never-ending quest to help every woman with every beauty frustration receive the gift of scientifically-based, proven products, education, truth, enlightenment and confidence with my "See It. Learn It. Do It." philosophy. There simply and honestly is not a more effective, all-encompassing brand available to the savvy consumer today than Christi Harris.